Friday, October 28, 2005

Is Sex Necessary?

Scientists say yes, and not just for reproduction. "The best that modern science can say for sexual abstinence is that it's harmless when practiced in moderation. Having regular and enthusiastic sex, by contrast, confers a host of measurable physiological advantages, whether you're male or female." Be careful though guys, you can OD on sex.

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Watch Me Solve a 20x20x20 Rubik's Cube!

Watch Chris Hardwick, of, solve a 20x20x20 Rubik's cube. with 1.3e1477 possible combinations.

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Japan's Internet Up to 40Mbps

According to Point Topic, China has more than 28 million broadband lines with a penetration rate of only 2 per cent. South Korea leads the world with a broadband penetration rate of more than 25 percent and Japan boasts the fastest available residential Internet service with speeds up to 40 Mbps.

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Online collaborative Whiteboard - FREE

One of the coolest things I've seen recently. Not only does it allow you to write freely within your browser but you can have others join in and write simultaneously with you.


Thanks GE

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1TB Per Second Fiber Achieved!

A Japanese power company achieved a rate of 1 Terabit per second, and used a 2 Hour movie to test speeds...coming in at 1/2 a second to trasmit the whole file. Please, can I have some of that for my BitTorrent?

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Patterns of Visual Math

"An Introduction to the fascinating patterns of Visual Math"

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Forget BluRay - HVC has 3.9 Terabyte Disks

Yes, 3.9 Terabyte!One HVC disk can hold a theoretical maximum of 78 dbl-layer BluRay disks. And 1Gbps transfer speeds?! It's amazing how technology just marches on...

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HDTV definitions

Wondering what all of those HDTV acronyms and terms mean? Want to know the difference between interlaced and progressive? How about brightness and contrast? This list of 35 terms and definitions help bring some basic clarity to high-definition television.

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Parallel Universes - More Reality Than Science Fiction

Today, probably more than in any other day, we are facing a revolution in our thinking about the physical universe.
As Woody Allen once put it, "There is no question that there is an unseen world. The problem is how far is it from midtown and how late is it open."

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Video of the XBox 360 being played at Walmart

Here is video of a real Xbox 360 being played on a kiosk at Walmart. The controller is shown, and the two games being played are Call of Duty 2, and King Kong.

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Why Worms Shun Apple's OSX

OS X offers inherently better security for several reasons. The most important is that it was designed with relatively little concern for compatibility with earlier versions, while Windows is full of compromises so that it works with older and less secure operating systems.

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