Thursday, June 29, 2006

Microsoft gets Sued over Genuine Advantage Auto Update

The same lawyers who sued Sony BMG over Rootkits on music CDs, and Ubisoft for Starforce on its game disks are now taking on Microsoft. A quote from the Complaint: รข��Microsoft effectively installed the WGA software on consumers' systems without providing consumers any opportunity to make an informed choice about that software."

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P2P insurer will pay your fines if RIAA sues: $19/year!

"Apparently, a company in Sweden is offering file-sharing insurance - they'll pay your fines if you're sued by the RIAA. The /. submitter translates the link as follows: 'For a mere 140 SEK ($19 USD) per year, they will pay all your fines and give you a t-shirt if you get convicted for file sharing.'"

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IE 7 Beta 3 released to public

Microsoft released IE 7 Beta 3 today. Download it

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Google the ISP with 2^96 IPv6 addresses

Google has 79 billion billion billion IPv6 addresses, is buying up massive amounts of dark fiber, and building a massive data center. Just what is Google up to?

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