Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hacking Human Eyes

A study was done where people put on glasses which inverted the image. They saw everything upside-down, but after wearing them constantly for a few days, their brains were retrained to flip the image right-side-up again. When they took the glasses off, the image was upside-down again!

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Best Buy to cancel MIRs, creates Online Rebate Submissions

"Our customers told us they hate mail-in rebate programs. As a result, we're working to find new solutions to give our customers a better shopping experience, while remaining competitive on pricing."

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Big Publishing Group demands my domain

I registered in 1997. Now, eight years later, Planeta Agostini, one of the biggest publishing groups in Spain and owner of Ediciones Deusto, sends me letters demanding me to transfer them the domain, because they registered the trademark "deusto" in 2002 .
Now they have presented a complaint to the WIPO and the domain is suspended.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Best Time to Buy Everything

CNNMoney reports on the Best Time to Buy Air Tickets, Televisions, Houses, Cars, Video Games, and Toys...

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